Supercar Day - Dream Car Event

Supercar Day


Invite your customers at the wheel of a number of supercars.
Make them drive the cars along fine roads. Provide them with a unique,
exclusive experience that meets even the most demanding expectations.

  • award those who drive your business
  • gratify your key customers
  • motivate your employees
  • build your brand associations
  • stand out from the rest

„Best possible event for anybody interested in cars. Shifting between Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and other supercars, our customers hardly believed this was really happening. They were so grateful that INTER CARS enabled them to feel like on Top Gear, with no limitations. A perfect motivator and an experience to be remembered for life."

„Our best customers have already seen everything. And still, the Supercar Day delighted them. Now they want more outings at the wheel of supercars."

„We were looking for a way to reach men. We built our communication and sale contests based on the Supercar Day. This worked perfectly.”

„We asked our salesmen what they were most into. The answer “cars!” was clearly prevailing, so we awarded these people with a two-day long Supercar Day. Now our sales keep growing impressively.”

"You are welcome at the wheel"

Supercar Day Emotions

  • one-of-a-kind experiences
  • powerful emotions
  • unforgettable moments
  • relations-building
  • supporting business aims


You can have Krzysztof Hołowczyc
as guest on your Supercar Day

Details to be agreed on an individual basis.



We shall:

  • design the event to match your needs
  • select cars to fit in your budget
  • plan routes and places
  • add attractions to visit
  • relate the event with your business aims
  • take car for branding and photo-video coverage

We begin with a briefing. Then we start in a column of shining dream cars to meet the adventure.

You will compare different cars’ handling and performance, meanwhile enjoying the glorious soundtrack of sports engines.

On our way we make stops once in a while so you can catch a breath of fresh air and shift at the wheel.

Half-way through the day we have lunch in our proven cosy place and chat about our impressions at the wheel.

This could last forever as we all love sports cars. However, there’s road awaiting us: a cup of coffee and we restart our engines.

A Supercar Day perfectly fits into a variety of business needs.

An adventure at the wheel you will never forget.

Watch some videos from our events

Gran Turismo Catalonia 2019

Supercar Day
for Inter Cars company

Supercar Day
for Inter Cars company


It may be a one-day event that takes several hours. However, it may just as well be extended to a couple of days, with hotels and other attractions on the road.
Anywhere. Our default choice is to have the start and finish line in our Club’s headquarters in Warsaw-based Hilton Hotel. For that variant we have several well-proven interesting routes around Warsaw. This said, we can start from any place and reach any other destination – in that case we carry the cars where you wish. In any case we expertly plan the routes so they ensure the maximum driving experiences.
Yes it can – in any European country. We have already had trips across foreign countries, including Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Croatia and Czechia.
Yes there are. We have over a dozen verified scenarios. Of course, the best events are situated in regions rich in fine roads, like mountains or Masuria. We are also cooperating with many top-notch hotels that offer additional attractions for our events. We can suggest you some extraordinary places to make your event even more special. Finally, we are able to being some interesting people to accompany you.
This really depends on you. We can plan any route – the longer it is, the more time your participants will spend at the wheel of cars. The optimum distance for a single day is 150-250 km, but it is also possible to hold an interesting Supercar Day on a route of only a couple of dozens km.
Safety has always been our priority. All routes are planned in much detail and verified by us. All our cars are equipped with the most advanced safety systems. The event is held under tutorship and supervision of our instructors. All cars and people have radio communication. And most of all, we drive responsibly. So far we have managed to avoid any dangerous situations.
It begins with some training to make the participants acquainted with the cars and the Supercar Day regulations. Depending on the number of people and cars, we are divided into several groups, with our instructors leading each group in a pace car. Along the route we stop at pre-selected places to shift at the wheels and among cars, so that every person drives every car during the event. Depending on the plan and duration of the event, we stop for either lunch or coffee break to have some rest and admire the cars from the outside. That said, we can add any other stop on our way, to visit your company site, have presentation, meet an interesting person, etc.
Most of all, it depends on the cars you choose – the more expensive the vehicle, the higher the cost of the event. You can obtain a rough cost estimations using our online calculator above. Another key factor is the number of participants and whether each car is only driven by one person or there are two persons per car, shifting at the wheel. The cost also depends on the distance of the route and on the region where the event takes place, as any location outside Warsaw requires us to carry the cars there and back. Other cost-influencing factors include additional attractions along the route, such as hotels, restaurants, other activities, persons invited, etc.
Yes. After the contract for the event is signed and the date specified, the price remains constant and guaranteed.
Yes we can – in any scope that you agree with us. We can prepare an event complete and fully taken care of, in any aspect and detail.
Yes we can – in any scope that you agree with us. For examples of what we do in this field look above. For more, please contact us.
Between 3 and 30 on any single date. Participants may drive the cars either alone (one person per car, potentially with his/her non-driving accompanying person) or in pairs i.e. two per car, shifting at the wheel. When more persons are to be involved, we hold repeated events for the same company on different dates. The largest event we’ve held to date was for 400 persons, on several locations and on different dates.
Any number between 3 and 15 cars for the participants on any single date, plus pace cars driven by our instructors.
Our fleet numbers around 50 cars. Please take notice it is in the state of permanent change. The cars at hand at any given moment will be communicated when your event is planned.
Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Maserati, Porsche, Aston Martin, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz AMG, BMW – a couple of models for each brand, plus many more.
The power of our cars ranges from 200 to over 700 hp.