Drive a number of supercars along some fine roads.

Experience a motoring adventure of your life.

  • drive several supercars
  • compare their performance, handling, sounds
  • develop your own opinion about iconic vehicles
  • meet interesting people
  • shoot impressive photographs and videos

One person PLN 4900 net / PLN 6027 taxes incl.

Two persons (or one person driving all the time, without sharing a car) PLN 9500 net / PLN 11 685 taxes incl.

The next date is August 10, 2024If you want to organize an event for your company or a group of friends, contact us


“The best possible way to spend a day for people like me. I take part in Supercar Days whenever I can”

“The best day of my petrolhead’s life. Driving a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a Maserati, a McLaren and other supercars on normal roads I could really get to know them and put them to test. At the same time, I could hardly believe this was really happening.”

“Some cars delighted me. Some other ones left me wanting for a little more. After the Supercar Day I have my own view on cars I had always wanted to test drive. Respect for the way the event was held – professionally, with a great deal of emotions, but in complete safety at the same time.”

“I made a gift to my friend and we went together to take part in a Supercar Day. That was a hell of a great masculine adventure. Now we know we will cater for more.”

Join me at the wheel


  • are car passionate
  • enjoy the craft of driving
  • consider a purchase of an exotic car
  • fancy a gorgeous adventure
  • want to meet other petrolheads
  • look for a gift to make to yourself or somebody else
  • seek for some motivation




You will compare different cars’ handling and performance, meanwhile enjoying the glorious soundtrack of sports engines.

On our way we make stops once in a while so you can catch a breath of fresh air and shift at the wheel.

Half-way through the day we have lunch in our proven cosy place and chat about our impressions at the wheel.

An adventure at the wheel you will never forget.


Supercar Day in Warsaw

Supercar Day
for Inter Cars company

Supercar Day
for Inter Cars company


One day, usually between 10 AM – 4 PM. Specific dates and hours are adapted to your preferences.
The place of the start and the finish line is our Club’s headquarters in Warsaw-based Hilton Hotel. We have several well-proven interesting routes around Warsaw for this variant. However, where a group is booked at another town, we can adjust this and hold a Supercar Day nearly anywhere.
It is 200-250 km long. Upon the participants’ request we can make it longer for an extra fee
Safety has always been our priority. All routes are planned in much detail and verified by us. Before they start, the participants undergo a briefing/training. Our cars are equipped with advanced active safety systems. The event is held under tutorship and supervision of our experienced instructors. And most of all, we drive responsibly. So far we have managed to avoid any dangerous situations.
It begins with some training so that the participants get to know the cars. Depending on the number of people and cars, we are divided into groups, with our instructors leading each group in a pace car. Along the route we stop at pre-selected places to shift at the wheels and among cars, so that every person drives every car during the event. Included in the plan is a stop to have a rest and a lunch at an attractive place – a great opportunity to admire the cars we drive also from the outside.
Yes, we hold such events for organised groups, either around Warsaw or at nearly any other region you choose.
Yes we can – in any scope that you agree with us. For examples of what we do in this field look above. For more, please contact us.
Between 6 and 12 on any single date. Participants drive the cars in pairs i.e. two per car, shifting at the wheel.
One car per two participants plus pace cars driven by our instructors – the latter ones can also be available to the group members. Usually there are between 4 and 10 cars during one event, depending on the number of participants booked for a given date.
By purchasing your participation in a Supercar Day you get one place which means you shift between the driver seat and the passenger seat in every car (so you cover some distance as a driver and then some as passenger before going to another car). If you prefer to cover all the distance as driver or to have your accompanying person all the time at your passenger seat, buy the exclusive car use option.
Yes you can. To have this ensured, buy the exclusive car use option.
Our fleet consists of around 50 cars and that’s what the group can choose from. Please take notice our fleet is in the state of permanent change. The cars at hand at any given moment will be communicated while planning your event.
In such a case you can change your slot to another date.
Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Maserati, Porsche, Aston Martin, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz AMG, BMW – a couple of models for each brand, plus many more.
The power of our cars ranges from 200 to 740 hp. Most of them boast over 400 hp and can accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in less than 4 seconds.
It depends on which car you have in mind. Please contact us.
Yes. After the contract for the event is signed and the date specified, the price remains constant and guaranteed.